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My Biography
I'm a jeans and sneakers type of girl that likes to dress up. I'm an easy going person that gets along well with others. My friends have said that I'm fun, outgoing, nice, caring, and always willing to give a helping hand. I'm also slightly sarcastic and am blunt(but in a nice way). I'm really into music, always at a concert or finding out about a new act. Besides, concerts I like hanging out or catching a movie. I hate liars. I treat people the way I want to be treated, so please treat me with respect. I'm a college graduate and will be starting graduate school in the fall.I have a lot to offer, just have to find the right guy. I'd like to meet someone who likes me for who I am. Tall is a plus(I'm a tall girl). Someone who is smart, funny and outgoing with a serious side. If you're going somewhere with your life that's a plus as well. Thing is, it's difficult to say who I'd like to meet, everyone is different and unique.

I like or not...
My fantasy of a meeting: dinner, a movie, seeing a live band
I like to talk about: music, literature, nothing in particular
My friends would describe me as: intelligent, kind, down-to-earth
My Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Body Type: average
Smoking or not: do not smoke
Drinking or not: socially
World-view: jewish
Location:New York,New York

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Last Changed: May 26, 2005.
Sport activities
I participate in:
I watch:
Bars / pubs, Concerts, Cultural events, Fine dining, Movies, Music - Pop, Music - Jazz / R and B, Music - Rock, Reading
Hobbies and Other Interests
Collecting, Photography, Shopping, Yoga
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