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My Biography
I'm many things at once - intelligent, playful, introspective, loyal, honest.... I love to have long, deep conversations but also like to cut loose and let off steam once in a while. Intelligence is the biggest turn-on! But...of course, there has to be some physical attraction, as well. I am a little shy initially, but once people get to know me, they would describe me as anything but - I'm not afraid to make the first move once I'm comfortable - I go after what I want!I'm often told that I'm very attractive. I have brown hair (gets red highlights), brown eyes and am mostly complimented on my lips. I guess I have about an average size frame...for being 5'3 :-) & am definitely shaped like a woman. Ii'd like to meet s'one who is open to having a relationship, but not necessarily going to jump into anything too fast. I want to meet someone who is fun, has a great mind, great sense of humor, compassionate and witty.... and attractive. Know anyone like that? :-)

I like or not...
My fantasy of a meeting: none selected
I like to talk about: none selected
My friends would describe me as: none selected
My Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5'3"
Body Type: average
Smoking or not: trying to quit
Drinking or not: socially
World-view: non-religious
Location:Atlanta,United States

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