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My Biography
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. First, let me start by saying that while I am a pretty good writer, I hate writing about myself, but I think most people do. Second, this online dating thing is something I would not normally do, but I figured what the heck. I am really just looking to meet some new people and explore the possibilities. I am new to the scene as I just ended a long-term relationship within this past year. I am currently a college student getting certified in education. I also work part time. I guess my life is pretty busy, but I always find time to have fun. When you first get to know me, I can seem very shy. However, that always changes once I get to know people better. There are many aspects of my personality. I can be mature and serious and one point and silly and fun at another, depending on the situation. I am very dedicated to my family and close friends. I will always be there for the people who are there for me when I need a hand. Anyway, that's all about me. What I'm ultimately looking for is someone who respects me and my life, and who would like to be a part of it. I really would just like to find someone to have fun with and share new experiences. Could that be you?

I like or not...
My fantasy of a meeting: a movie, drinks on an outdoor patio, seeing live comedy
I like to talk about: news, my dreams, my friends
My friends would describe me as: a good listener, dependable, intelligent
My Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: average
Smoking or not: do not smoke
Drinking or not: socially
World-view: catholic
Location:Parma,United States

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Last Changed: Jan 15, 2005.
Sport activities
Swimming, Walking
Bars / pubs, Dance clubs, Movies, Music - Pop, Music - Rock, Reading, Surfing the web, TV: Entertainment
Hobbies and Other Interests
Crafts, Dogs, Photography, Shopping
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