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My Biography
I'm just going to come out and say it: I hate writing these. I mean, how does anyone ever know exactly what to say about themselves? I know who I am, but putting it in words? Wow. Alright, let's see.... I'm short. I'm 5'4", which I guess is average for women, but I like to consider myself short...that way, heh, I'm not average! That, and short people have a lot of advantages over others. I don't have to duck under things often, and I can date pretty much anyone because there aren't many people shorter than I am. I'm intelligent. I don't just mean that I've done well in school, because frankly, lately, I haven't. But I know how to hold intelligent conversation, and there's more to me than meets the eye. I may have a "pretty face," but don't let that fool you. I am quick witted and my tongue is sharp as a knife. Don't mistake me for mean or cold though. I'm a creative control freak. Well, sort of. I do web design, and I'm considering attending school for it, you know, to get a more focused education. I like to have control over what I do, because without it, well, I can't do what want. I am not a very touchy-feely person. Not to say I don't like to be touched when the occasion calls for it, but if you're one of those guys who has to be touching all the time or you think there's something wrong, then we probably won't get along well.... Finally, I'm sick of being the one who wears the pants in the relationship. I mean, yeah I want to have my say in things and not be totally led around, but at the same time I appreciate the take-charge guy who makes decisions without HAVING to ask. Maybe that makes me more traditional when it comes to dating, but seriously, what's wrong with that?

I like or not...
My fantasy of a meeting: playing pool, seeing live comedy, a night of dancing
I like to talk about: anything but the meaning of life, food/cooking, sexual issues
My friends would describe me as: a sucker for a cute smile, witty, a good listener
My Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: slim
Smoking or not: do not smoke
Drinking or not: socially
World-view: other

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Last Changed: May 20, 2005.
Sport activities
Boating / Sailing, Camping, Fishing, Ice skating, In-line skating, Walking
I participate in:
Baseball, Bowling
I watch:
Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer
Concerts, Cultural events, Dance clubs, Fine dining, Movies, Music - Classical, Music - Country, Music - Pop, Music - Jazz / R and B, Music - Rock, Reading, null, Video games, Wine tasting
Hobbies and Other Interests
Antiques / furniture restoration, Cars, Cats, Computer / software, Crafts, Dogs, Fish / aquarium, Gardening, Gourmet cooking, Home improvement, News / politics / Current events, Painting, Philosophy / spirituality, Photography, Traveling, Yoga
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