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My Biography
I'm a dedicated, hard working, and genuine. It make take a little to win me over but when you do, I'm loyal. I'm pretty laid back though I do have my times when I'm energetic. I graduated recently with my bachelors in business administration and I'm starting my life working in the "big world."I'm mainly lookin for somebody who understands that life is a game of give and take, not take and take some more. I've found disappointment after disappointment with boys and I'm hoping that this long streak of dating jerks will end. I'll be honest, if you're over 30, please save your credits because I'd feel to young for you. So, take your chances if you wish. I look foward to getting to know you a little better...

I like or not...
My fantasy of a meeting: seeing a live band, drinks on an outdoor patio, talking over a coffee
I like to talk about: music, nothing in particular
My friends would describe me as: down-to-earth, generous, articulate
My Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: average
Smoking or not: do not smoke
Drinking or not: socially
World-view: catholic

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Last Changed: May 24, 2005.
Sport activities
Jogging / running, Snow skiing / Snowboarding
I participate in:
I watch:
Basketball, Extreme sports, Tennis
Dance clubs, Dinner parties at home, Movies, Music - Classical, Music - Country, Music - Pop, Music - Jazz / R and B, Music - Rap, Music - Rock
Hobbies and Other Interests
Astrology, Dogs, Volunteer
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